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That feeling you get when you know it’s just not right or fair?
That’s a feeling Merv Harris and Melissa Harvey have had many times as they each worked as Owner Corporation Managers in Melbourne. They witnessed owners committees in turmoil, with financial and administrative challenges, poor management, and exorbitant contracts. Causing disputes, stress and strain, with no independent support to turn to for help.

So when Merv met Melissa, the consulting arm of The OCguide became what it is today.

An independent, objective, outcome focused support to OC’s needing experts in their corner, fighting for fair.

The OCguide Directors

Merv Harris DIRECTOR​

Merv has been involved with Owner Corporations for over 20 years, following a previous career with the Victoria Police, where he served in uniform, the Special Operations Group and in later years as a Senior Detective with the Major Fraud Squad. To say he has an eye for fair and just processes and outcomes goes to the heart of his life’s purpose. Assisting a number of Owners Corporations in Melbourne’s CBD over the years, Merv is sought after for his unique approach, alternate solutions and independent advice in helping aggrieved committees recover.

He established The OCguide in 2009 as an online destination to reach many more lot owners and committees with resources and information. With Melissa’s skills complementing his experience, The OCguide Services deliver direct support to Owners Corporations needing transparent and objective advice.

The OCguide Directors

Melissa Harvey MBA DIRECTOR​

Melissa is an experienced administrator with a background in project management, operations and educational support – a combination she discovered to be just the right skill set for the challenges of managing Owner Corporations. Impressing Merv as a Senior Owners Corporation Manager, he knew her competency, integrity and thoroughness, and most importantly, her alignment with The OCguide ethos of probity ensured she was the right fit to deliver independent support for OC clients.

Melissa is just as passionately invested in The OCguide’s vision of a transparent system and competitive fees for Owners Corporations, where honesty and accountability from managers must come first. With a talent that spans comprehensive report writing, building and maintaining strong relationships, attention to detail and taking ownership of projects for resolutions, Melissa is the consultant that Owners Corporations and Managers trust and respect.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to support, protect and educate Owners Corporations across Melbourne and Victoria.
Delivering an objective and transparent process to an Owners Corporation through contract assessments, tender negotiations and mediation for a fair and just outcome.

Our Values

over partiality

An old word for integrity often missing in business, probity guides our every move, thought and decision. The OCguide moral compass points due north to serve only with honesty and transparency.

over influence

We believe strongly in independent advice. In an industry where commissions influence decisions, we stand apart. We never take commissions or kickbacks for our work. Every step is taken free from influence.

over profits

We’re a business, but our true goal is to serve the industry and help find fair outcomes. There are no hidden agendas or profiting off Owners Corporations in turmoil. Our fair fee-for-service is unique in the industry.

over contracts

Owners Corporations need to serve real people, independent of gender, race, income or lifestyle. We never lose sight of that and bring care into our processes by respecting, supporting and empowering the owners behind the contracts, free from discrimination.

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The OCguide Promise

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