From OC Disputes to Appointment Decisions

We assisted a Tier 1 Owners Corporation committee at war to unanimously resolve appointment decisions.

In November 2021, a Chairperson contacted us to help an Owners Corporation committee who held opposing views about changing their manager and staffing structure.


  • The Owners Corporation were getting close to reaching an outcome following an internal dispute. New decisions regarding manager appointment and staffing were required, with committee members having conflicting opinions about how to proceed.
  • Some committee members wanted to retain all existing arrangements, while others felt the services being provided were not meeting expectations and it was time to investigate other options. 


  • The OCguide were engaged to prepare a full audit of current management performance and assisted committee members to understand how the services provided compared to industry standards and if fees aligned with what the market was paying.
  • The OCguide educated committee members on what should be expected in terms of service and provided a list of actions needed by the current manager to improve their service level and record keeping to an acceptable level based on industry standards. 
  • The OCguide were then engaged to manage a tender process and review the current staffing structure to compare self-management versus outsourcing.
  • When the tender results and staffing review reports were issued, The OCguide helped committee members to work together and understand their rights, expectations, legislation, and the importance of putting the needs of the Owners Corporation first when considering decisions.
  • All committee members unanimously resolved to appoint a new manager at the conclusion of the process, which was a significant achievement given members had argued different views in the past.
  • The OCguide assisted the Owners Corporation to manage the existing staff and engage experts in workplace change until all the formalities of the significant workplace change decisions were finalised.
The complexity of these projects required professional and interpersonal skills of the highest level. The OCguide successfully provided significant leadership to educate committee members regarding Owners Corporation responsibilities, workplace change, and decision making to enable outcomes that were in the best interests of the Owners Corporation.
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