Owners Corporation Manager Review

We provide Owners Corporations with a full and independent review of the services your current manager provides. With our comprehensive audit and report, your committee is positioned to consider the current suitability and future management needs and expectations within your Owners Corporation.

Owners Corporation Manager Services Audit

Our Manager Services Audit includes reviewing all the records of the Owners Corporation in our performance-based assessment of the existing manager. We investigate the areas listed below, including feedback about how each service area may be improved, and if any cost savings could be achieved for your Owners Corporation.

Our audit includes:

Expert Tip

By engaging with independent Owners Corporation consultants to conduct an audit or tender management service, committees have the justification for any changes to services or appointing new management.

Why choose The OCguide for Owners Corporation Manager Reviews?

We’re here to help you best understand how your existing manager’s performance meets with expectations and industry standards, with confidence in our independent and objective review.

The Owners Corporation Manager Report

Four reports with The OCguide Services logo on the covers, are fanned out on a table.

The OCguide provides a comprehensive written report to your committee, with an easy-to-understand overview of the findings. This includes how services compare to an acceptable standard based on our industry knowledge and expertise.

The report also offers recommendations for findings that may require further investigation by the committee. Importantly, it assists committee members in understanding how the current manager is performing and where service improvement is possible.

With our trademark probity guiding our analysis, your committee can be confident in taking any resolutions with their current management forward.

Owners Corporation Mediation Services

The OCguide is an experienced mediator for Owners Corporations.

We’re well placed to assist with settling disputes and preparing formal documents for complaints.


A management review can be undertaken at any time. However, the optimal time would be six months prior to any contract expiry date. This allows the committee time to best understand how the manager’s performance aligns with the Contract of Appointment and industry expectations before it is time to execute a new contract. The learnings of the review can assist a committee in determining if a tender process is needed or negotiate key performance measures in future contracts for service improvements.

As a general guide, allow 4-6 weeks to complete a management review. For Owners Corporations needing urgent action, the process can be fast-tracked.

A review can be done with or without the manager’s knowledge. However, allowing the manager to be involved in the review provides a learning opportunity of how they are performing and the opportunity to improve their pricing and service levels if necessary. We have seen many managers offer more competitive pricing and the inclusion of better terms in the contract when they are aware a review is being done.

We recommend waiting until the review is complete before resolving to take the management to tender if time allows. This allows the committee to first understand if the manager’s performance or pricing is not within industry standards or market rates. Committees uncertain about whether a change of manager is necessary should consider a manager review to justify if a tender process is necessary.

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