Camera and Access Control Systems

Over the past 20 years as we have assisted and managed many Owners Corporations, security considerations become a very hot topic. Whether they be Access Control Systems or Camera Security Systems. Historically we have overseen implementation of both types of systems as a new fit out or upgrade to older systems. As one can imagine significant costs and budgets are required to implement systems in the larger OC’s.

Also as an observer, the pace of change and products in the market change so quickly it can become daunting to establish what your unique OC may require.

As often Owners Corporations look to save on site staffing in the larger OC or the costs of staffing push budgets out, they become more reliant on camera footage being a resource – ‘to go back and see what happened’ at a specific time. Overtly placed cameras also become a deterrent in themselves. As our society and OH & S obligations force us to withdraw more from ‘direct confrontation’ with offenders cameras become more and more important in the collection of evidence or to resolve complaints in common areas of OC’s.

“Let’s put dummy cameras in to Act as a deterrent!” – WARNING; Don’t go there as a recent civil case occurred where an OC Committee instructed placement of some dummy cameras in lifts to ‘assist’ with security and didn’t tell residents. So one resident was happy as the ambulance took them away, that at least there was a camera in the lift when they were assaulted. Not happy when told they were dummy and subsequently successfully sued the OC for a substantial settlement.

Access Control Systems when working to their optimum protect both you and your OC, but need to be well thought out and constantly audited least they become ineffective within a short period. The human predisposition is always to find short cuts, work arounds and save a buck – that’s where that stranger is reliant on you touching the access control in a lift and quickly hitting a floor level in the hope your card will allow them access to a ‘desired floor’. Hopefully you have a camera in that lift.

We at The OCguide can recommend contractors and suppliers in this field to assist your OC. We do not take commissions, but merely make recommendations based on feedback that comes to us from Owners Corporations. We will be updating this page on a regular basis and will take suggestions via our contact page from satisfied OC’s on these subjects to assist those looking to update or install new systems.


1. Security Cameras, Access Control System, Alarms and Intercom Systems

Our goal at Network Vision Group is to continually offer leading edge integrated solutions in security and surveillance.
Our customers can rest assured knowing that Network Vision has been established in the security industry for over 32 years.
We have the knowledge, experience and skills to design, install, monitor, service and maintain the ideal security solution for your unique requirements.
We strive to promote our company as one of reliability, trust, honesty and integrity.
Our company holds current security licenses, Gold accreditation with ASIAL and $20 million public liability insurance.
Our company is value driven, customer focused and use only the latest technology, high quality equipment available in today’s market.
Network Vision Group are committed to helping our customers with the highest standards of service, equipment and ethical behavior.
We understand the importance of protecting your assets, employees, customers, inventory and your business.
We will provide you with an ultimate security solution, working within your budget.

Contact details:

Network Vision Group Pty Ltd
P: 1300 723 324
M: 0409 55 77 99
C: Edward Vajdic – Director

2. Security Cameras, Access Control Systems, Alarms, TV Reception and Antennas

Australian Security and Antennas, Melbourne

Specialising in Antennas and also CCTV, alarms and access system.

Contact details:

P: 1300 361 121

C: Mathew McKie – Managing Director


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