Energy Management is all about taking control of your Owners Corporation’s energy consumption. It’s about understanding where energy is being wasted and determining what needs to be done to reduce it. There is a minefield of energy efficiency product suppliers out there in the market place – (unfortunately) all with a vested interest in selling you their solution. Without the technical knowledge it can be very difficult to decide which solution is the best & most viable for your organisation. Ideally you need to approach an expert who can provide unbiased advice.

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Greenwire Consulting

Green Wire Consulting is a specialist company that focuses on Building Energy Efficiency Advice. Their advice is guaranteed to be completely independent & unbiased. During all site inspections energy wastage is identified and ways to lower business energy bills are outlined in a detailed report.

Visit their website for more information. The following professional services are provided by Greenwire Consulting:

High Energy Bill Investigation

Greenwire GUARANTEE to find out PRECISELY WHY your electricity bills are high.

Greenwire visit your premises, inspect your electrical equipment, switchboards, meters, analyse /cross-check your energy accounts & monitor power consumption. All reasons for a high bill are clearly presented.

Business Energy Audits

Greenwire use only QUALIFIED Electrical Engineers to conduct energy audits.

Energy Audits pinpoint energy waste & reveal clever ways to reduce your total energy consumption. Independent advice ensures you know the facts both good & bad to build an energy reduction action plan.

Energy Efficiency Advice

Greenwire are PASSIONATE Building Services Design engineers focused on energy.

Greenwire have inspected many buildings and witnessed inefficient equipment in operation. They know the mistakes made that contribute to a poor building design. Why should any client pay high bills unnecessarily?

Faulty Smart Meters?

Perhaps an INACCURATE SMART METER is the cause of your high electricity bills?

Greenwire temporarily connect a trusted meter to your switchboard, to check if your electricity retailer is billing you accurately. If your smart meter is found inaccurate, you then have the proof to insist on a refund.

Power Measurement and Analysis

Greenwire BREATHE ELECTRICITY & have all the proper equipment required to reveal it.

Qualified electricians access switchboards to connect specialist power measuring equipment. Greenwire engineers interpret results to identify energy waste, diagnose problem equipment & understand load profiles

Lighting Audits & Design

Greenwire UNDERSTAND LIGHTS & know how to select the correct type for any application.

20 years of lighting selection & design experience to assist you with your lighting assignment. This experience gives Greenwire the ability to deliver effective lighting audits & lighting design solutions.

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