Streaming Service Connection

Connections to residential buildings & apartments

Subscription Streaming Services are delivered by either cable via the NBN Cable network, cellular or satellite and are available to households around Australia.

Most houses, apartments and townhouses are able to receive streaming services. For those that can not, most dedicated providers are able to help you work through the steps to make your building NBN Ready.

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A word of caution

If you haven’t found out already, you can not just rush out and stick a satellite dish on your balcony if you wish to have a satellite based system in your apartment. Most Owners Corporations will have rules preventing this and this is for a reason. You can image what would happen to the value of your apartment and the prestige of your apartment tower if all manner of objects, including satellite dishes were seen to be hanging of balconies.
If you wish to have specialist services like Sky TV and other foreign satellite services it may be worth making representations to your Owners Corporation Committee. Often a satellite system can be installed on the complex roof and apartments can be connected up. Off course cost may become a factor, but there is no harm in asking.

The Plan of Subdivision of your Owners Corporation should also be checked as a rule. The Plan of Subdivision or PS and any license’s your OC may have in respect to your roof top may be of assistance when determining a suitable position for any antenna or satellite dish.

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