Proxy or Not to Proxy

NOTE IMPORTANT changes as of 1 December 2021 re Proxies

Please be aware that there are significant changes re use of proxies due to these being specifically addressed in changes to the Owners Corporation Act. Latest changes for OC Act

A proxy can help you as much as they can frustrate you. You walk into a meeting thinking you or your committee have the numbers and that person with all those proxies stands up and you get done again. Or you hold the numbers because you have the fist full of proxies. Democracy by Proxy we call it.

Just like the Blue Chips of Australia, when crunch time comes things get carried by Proxy votes. Well most times any way.

And you? (Well you could call your Owners Corporation a Blue Chip if its in good financial nick). You as a lot owner are entitled to attend Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings and and have proxies from fellow lot owners or give your proxy to another lot owner/committee member or outside representative.

Remember, your developer, even working via a related property management entity can not gather proxies via, for example a real estate management arm, and seek to appoint new managers and contracts by use of those proxies as they are a conflict of interest under the Owners Corporation Act 2006 Victoria. The amendments to the OC Act in Victoria come into force 1 December 2021 and in fact go a long way to resolving what many would consider to be the misuse of Proxy Votes. We would suggest a good read of the new legislation surrounding this often contentious area for all committee members and lot owners.

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