Overview of Our Services

Advocates for your OC

The OCguide provides qualified and independent advocacy services in the State of Victoria to help find fair contracts, reputable management and lower fees. Be assured that we support Owners Corporations to secure fair contracts with well-defined performance expectations. We’re committed to a fair fee-for-service that you can trust is truly independent, objective, and transparent.

Where we can help your OC

Tender Services

We consult and work with your committee in developing and managing the tender process, from requests to proposal reviews, without any conflict of interest.

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Manager Audits

Get a full review of all services your current manager provides. With a comprehensive report and independent recommendations for further investigation, your OC will be ready for action or resolution.

An important consideration is that Committees need a thorough comprehensive report to justify any actions or resolutions they may be considering. An analysis in a written report will provide comfort to Committees and lot owners that any resolutions were not taken on a whim. Probity is the key consideration.

Probity over Profits

We’re not an owners management company. We steadfastly refuse all offers of commissions.

We’re Merv Harris and Melissa Harvey, the two directors behind The OCguide who are true advocates for protecting Owners Corporations. With no vested interest in the outcome, probity drives our decisions as our moral compass.

We advocate for the OC, not the manager with expertise in the OC Act regulations and rules for Victoria.

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