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A duty of care and confidentiality to all parties at all times. We also treat all interaction with the highest degree of confidentiality.

Where information is provided to Owners Corporations in the State of Victoria Australia by The OCguide, that information and material remains the property of The OCguide and must not be disseminated to unauthorised third parties without permission of The OCguide Pty Ltd.  The OCguide reserves the right to seek legal redress where any unauthorised disclosure occurs.

Owners Corporations, Owners Corporation Managers, Service Providers to Owners Corporations and Lot Owners within an Owners Corporations may from time to time receive or provide information in the course of Tender Processes and Project Management that must be protected so as not to breach Privacy.

Legal Disclaimer

IMPORTANT NOTE: This website deals with owner’s corporation matters in Victoria, Australia only. Legislation varies in different states and territories of Australia and in other countries.  For information pertaining to places outside of Victoria, Australia please refer to the appropriate legislation for your region.

EXTERNAL SOURCES: The owner of this website does not make any warranty or representations regarding the information, products, services provided by or qualifications of any external third parties / sources listed on this website.  Readers should make their own appropriate enquiries regarding accuracy, qualifications, licences, etc.  The owner of this website will not be responsible or liable in any way for any representations made by any external sources listed on this website.

DISCLAIMER: All information on this website is of a general nature and is intended as a guide only.  Whilst we try our best to ensure that the information is accurate, sometimes there may be errors or new information that is yet to be included. Any decisions you take based on information on this website are made at your own risk and we cannot be held liable for any losses you suffer. Contact us directly before relying on any of this information. Information on this website should not be substituted for proper legal advice.  The owner of this website – The OCguide Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for any action taken as a consequence of same.

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