Owners Corporation tender services

We help Owners Corporations find the most competitive and reputable management through a robust tender process that complies with the Owners Corporations Act Victoria.

Owners Corporation management tenders

Not sure where to begin? Every tender is specific to each Owners Corporation. By meeting with your committee to ensure we understand what to include in the provision of services, The OCguide provides an easy-to-compare report for your consideration.

Price isn’t the only consideration for appointing a new Owners Corporation manager. They will be a key part of the service your Owners Corporation expects, so we consider working relationships, quality, and reputation just as highly.

Whether you have three lots or multi-apartment complexes, we help you find an Owners Corporation manager with competitive contracts and a strong reputation.

Regardless of the appointment outcome, The OCguide provides each manager who submits a proposal with feedback about how their proposal compares to others in terms of offering and pricing without identifying the management companies who participated.

The OCguide also provides tender services for Owners Corporations needing new facility management.

Expert Tip

Do it right. By engaging with independent Owners Corporation consultants in developing this process, committees have the justification for any change in appointing new management. We recommend inviting your current manager to apply for inclusion in the comparison.

Why choose The OCguide for Owners Corporation tenders?

Working with Melissa and Merv gives your owners committee confidence in an independent process and objective appointment of your Owners Corporation Management.

Our Process

Our OCguide team will guide you through the below steps, managing the process from start to finish. We:

Gain an understanding of the needs of your OC

Provide a timeline for your tender process

Develop the documents needed for a robust tender process

Review the proposals received for management

Provide a comprehensive
and easy to compare report for your committee

All whilst ensuring that every action complies with The Owners Corporations Act of Victoria.


When existing contracts roll over each year in a three or more year term, there is usually a CPI increase each year. It is, therefore, best practice for an Owners Corporation committee to undertake a tender process no less than every five years. This ensures the Owners Corporation understands the market value of the services being provided and that the existing manager is proposing a competitive fee.
It is best to allow up to 60-90 days prior to the expiry of the existing Contract of Appointment.

Yes, the Owners Corporations Act allows for termination at any time. However, when terminating a manager before the contract expires, the Owners Corporation may be liable to pay out any fees still remaining for the duration of the Contract if the termination is without a valid reason. Call The OCguide today to better understand your rights and obligations.

Yes, the committee has this power per the Owners Corporations Act. However, if members have resolved to remove this power from the committee at the most recent AGM, it may be more complicated. Call The OCguide today to better understand what steps to take if the committee’s power has been removed at an AGM.

As a general guide, allow 4-6 weeks for an Owners Corporation tender. For Owners Corporations needing urgent action, the process can be fast-tracked to 1-2 weeks.

Whilst we do not make specific recommendations, The OCguide can assist in providing reputable company names if asked. We have no referral or commission agreements with any management companies.

The OCguide issues the invoice for services provided to the Owners Corporation when the tender service has been finalised. There is flexibility regarding payment terms to issue the invoice when the new manager has started.

The OCguide only asks for information that assists us in understanding the needs of the Owners Corporation. This includes a Plan of Subdivision, the most recent AGM & Committee Notice and Minutes. We may also ask for a copy of the existing Contract of Appointment to help the committee understand any termination obligations.

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